The Linux command line is a powerful tool. The majority of webservers run on Linux/Unix. Some hosting companies offer SSH access to their hosting environment. 

Via SSH you can login and use the Linux command line.

In this presentation Peter will show you some time saving command line commands that you can use for tasks regarding your Joomla websites:

  • some basic SSH command line commands
  • Analyzing & recovering a hacked website
  • Backup a website
  • Finding unused files
  • Setting up a test environment (using Vagrant)

Presentation has been given at

  • September 18th 2015 - Joomladay Germany 2015, Hamburg, Germany
    "Linux Command Line Magic"

  • May 30th 2015 - JandBeyond 2015, Prague, Czech Republic
    "Linux Command Line Magic"
    slides at (in English)

  • April 12th 2015 - Joomldagen 2015, Zeist, Netherlands
    "Linux Command Line Magie"
    slides at (in Dutch)

  • November 7th 2014 - Joomla World Conference, Cancún, Mexico
    "Linux Command Line Magic"
    slides at (in English)