The Raspberry Pi (RPi) is a very small and efficient (3.5 watts) mini Linux computer based on an ARM processor. Originally the single board computer was developed for educational purposes. 

They expected to sell 10,000 devices in the 1st year. Instead they sold 400,000! Probably due to its versatility and low price ($ 35) it has become an instant success. Connected to a modern TV the RPi functions as a mini computer. Connected to a network it can function as a (web)server. And that's where Joomla fits in...

In this presentation, Peter will demonstrate how to set up the RPi as a web server for Joomla. How to use the command line to install & configure Raspbian (Debian Linux optimized for RPi), Nginx (=very fast alternative for Apache webserver), PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and, of course, Joomla. Finally Peter will show you how to increase your websites security & performance. 

Overview Presentation:

  1. Introduction

    Installing LAMP LEMP Stack:

  2. Raspbian
  3. Nginx
  4. MySQL
  5. PHP
  6. phpMyAdmin
  7. Joomla
  8. Performance
  9. Security
  10. Geeky stuff

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