Peter Martin is happy to share his Joomla expertise with other Joomla users. He regularly gives presentations at national and international Joomla conferences and Joomla User Group meetings. Below is a list of his presentations.

Setting up a multilingual Joomla website?

With Joomla 2.5 and 3.x it's relatively easy set up a multilingual website without using 3rd extensions... in 10 steps!

How to optimize usability in JCE editor?

A lot of people use Joomla Content Editor (JCE) in their Joomla website because that WYSIWYG editor makes it easier to create articles with images, media (video & audio) and files. 

How to develop a Joomla Module?

You can extent the functionality of a Joomla website with different types of extensions. And with a little PHP & MySQL knowledge, you can create them yourself. 

Change Joomla without core hacks?

Joomla is open source software under the GPL license. One of the benefits of open source software is that you can (and are allowed to) read and change the source code.

How to test patches for Joomla?

All software contains small errors ("bugs"). Joomla is no exception. To solve these errors small improvements ("patches") are created and released. 

Joomla: 10 years of progress

Over the past 10 years Joomla! CMS has improved considerably. Peter Martin shows in this presentation the history and progress of Joomla CMS

During a routine check Peter discovered that a client's website contained some strange new files. After several thorough scans he discovered that the website had been "hacked". What to do?

One of the new feature since Joomla 3.2 is Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework.