Peter is a Joomla specialist with extensive experience in developing for Internet combined with a marketing and communications background.

He discovered programming in PHP/MySQL in 2003 and Mambo CMS a year later. Since 2005 he has been active in the Joomla community: at first as regular forum user, and later as Global Moderator at Joomla forum and member of the Community Leadership Team. He loves the freedom and possibilities that open source software gives you as user and the knowledge sharing that you can only find within such open source communities.

Peter supports companies and organizations with:

  • Joomla consultancy
  • building Joomla websites
  • custom Joomla extension development (Components, Modules, Plugins, Templates, Language files)
  • Joomla training
  • Joomla website support

In his hometown Nijmegen, The Netherlands Peter organizes:

Peter is an Open Source Software enthousiast, interested in Joomla, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Linux, Raspberry Pi, music (vinyl), art house movies, electronics, c64 and trivia.