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¿Necesita un sitio web?
¿Necesita un sitio web?

sitios web.

¿Un sitio web exitoso?
¿Un sitio web exitoso?
sitios web.
¿Problemas con su sitio web?
sitios web.

Sitio web

sitios web personalizados.

Quieres un sitio web profesional. Un sitio web que sea fácil de mantener. Que tenga un diseño óptimo. Que tenga una buena puntuación en los motores de búsqueda. Y con el que puedas alcanzar tus objetivos.

Llevamos construyendo sitios web dinámicos desde 2005. Utilizamos un sistema de gestión de contenidos (CMS) de código abierto. Software de código abierto porque te mantiene independiente de un solo proveedor. Y lo programan una comunidad de desarrolladores. Y un CMS porque te facilita la gestión de tus propios contenidos.


los sitios web.

Tienes un buen sitio web. Pero no es rápido. O no es accesible para personas con problemas de visión. O tu sitio web no se encuentra fácilmente en los motores de búsqueda.

Tenemos una amplia experiencia en la optimización de sitios web para la velocidad, la accesibilidad, las mejores prácticas y los motores de búsqueda (SEO).


Ofrecemos asistencia
a tus sitios web.

Tienes tu propia página web que gestionas tú mismo. Pero te encuentras con una pregunta que no puedes responder. O no tienes tiempo. O te encuentras con un problema técnico.

Desde 2005, ofrecemos contenido y soporte técnico para sitios web de empresas y organizaciones. Programamos en PHP/MySQL y trabajamos con servidores Linux, servidores de bases de datos MySQL/MariaDB, servidores web Apache/Nginx y servidores de correo IMAP/POP3/SMTP.

Frank van der Meer
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nothing but praise for the services of Peter Martin of agency db8. Peter helped me solve a hefty problem with my Joomla website Many of my Yootheme Pro pages were rejected in the Google Search Console because of a CLS problem (shifting layout when loading) and too slow speed. After analysis, Peter quickly came up with a solution. He then implemented it on my test site. And he clearly explained to me how I could implement it myself on my live website. Meanwhile, all my pages have been approved by Google, which will give my ranking a big boost.

Another nice thing is that it is also very pleasant to work with Peter. Moreover, because we went through everything together via a video connection, my knowledge of Joomla and Yootheme Pro has increased considerably.

That is why I highly recommend Peter if you run into problems with your Joomla site. Everything tells you that Peter is a very experienced Joomla and Yootheme Pro expert.

Natalia Bielczyk
San Francisco, CA, USA

Peter is an excellent developer and business developer. He made me realize how little I know about the website optimization and how much work is still to be done around my business so that it becomes properly visible online!

As it turns out, to properly develop your website, you need to think about both users AND bots. Thinking like a client will make your website cozy, user-friendly, and trusted. But it's thinking like a bot that will make you visible online - and no business is possible without that anymore. Peter showed me how Google views my website and which elements are or aren't understandable to Google machines. It was priceless knowledge to me!

I can recommend working with Peter to any freelancer and entrepreneur. Today, online visibility is crucial, and Peter will help you bring your website to the next level. Plus, he is fun to work with. 6 out of 5

Joe R Sonne
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Peter of db8 is a highly skilled and very personable Joomla professional. His ability to teach and impart knowledge is exemplary. If you are looking for the cream at the top this is where you will find it. His work is exceptional. I heartily recommend db8 and Peter.

Manuel Müller
Berlin, Germany

Peter Martin is a very trustable Joomla expert with a customer friendly service mindset. You can count on his knowledge and afford to find a solution which fits to your needs. We highly recommend Peter Martin services and very valuable support.

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