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We build
customised websites.

You want a professional website. A website that is easy to maintain. That is optimally designed. That scores well with search engines. And with which you can achieve your goals.

We have been building dynamic websites since 2005. We use an open source Content Management System (CMS). Open source software because it keeps you independent from one supplier. And it is developed further by a community of developers. And a CMS because it makes it easy for you to manage your own content.


We optimise

You have a nice website. But it's not fast. Or it's not accessible to people with visual impairments. Or your website is not easily found by search engines.

We have extensive experience in optimising websites for speed, accessibility, best practices and search engines (SEO).


We support

You have your own website that you manage yourself. But you come across a website question you can't answer yourself. Or don't have the time. Or you run into a technical problem with your website.

Since 2005, we offer content and technical support for websites of companies and organisations. We program in PHP/MySQL and work with Linux servers, MySQL/MariaDB database servers, Apache/Nginx web servers and IMAP/POP3/SMTP mail servers.

Nijmegen Office
db8 Website Support
Keizer Karelplein 32 q
6511 NH Nijmegen
The Netherlands

+31 85 301 48 28
support at db8 dot nl
+31 6 44 214 500 (urgent)
Opening hours

By appointment
Monday to Friday
09:00 - 17:00 (5pm)
(Time zone: Central European Time)

Acquisition is
not appreciated

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