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Email newsletter

Email newsletter

Promote new content on your website to your potential customers. Inform them regularly via an email newsletter.

You can get new visitors to your site via search engines if you have a search engine optimized website. Or through paid advertising, such as Google AdWords.

Email newsletter: Keep in touch with your customers

Inform your customers using an email newsletter about your new products and services. Do it regularly: not too much; determine the optimal frequency. Make sure that you offer good content in your newsletter that your customer can use without having immediate need to purchase a service / product.

There are several options to send newsletters to customers: through a Joomla component or external services. In both cases you can add a registration form on your Joomla website to register names + e-mail addresses.

European GDPR Privacy Law

  • Be careful when collecting, storing and using e-mail addresses
  • Use a double opt-in for newsletters:
    • Have your newsletter system automatically send a notification email to those who subscribe
    • After they confirm they want to receive your newsletter, you can send them newsletters

Advanced e-mail workflow

  • Use an advanced e-mail component to set up an e-mail workflow
    • A visitor leaves his/her e-mail address
    • Your website sends a notification asking to confirm the subscription
    • You can then have automatic notifications sent at set actions and times to keep in touch with your visitor

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