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Quick Scan

Quick Scan

Has your website been optimized with respect to userfriendliness, speed and search engine optimization? Often there is still some room for small improvements.

Let evaluate your website through a Quick Scan!

Quick Scan

With a Quick Scan a brief analysis of the website is made of all the things that can be improved. The results of a Quick Scan may lead to a more detailed analysis of the implementation of improvements.

Quick Scan

A quick scan is a short analysis of the website that can be improved.

There can be looked at:

  • User friendliness for visitors and/or administrators
  • Speed of the website
  • Search engine friendliness
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Performance on various devices.

Do you want to have a Quick Scan carried out?

Please contact us.

Do you want to perform a Quick Scan on your website yourself?

On The Best Website you can find all kinds of tests you can perform yourself under "Test your website".

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