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Google Analytics + Matomo
Google Analytics + Matomo

Google Analytics + Matomo

How successful is your website? Using visitor statistics you can find out where your visitors come from. Use the right statistics.

Many web hosting companies offer their customers visitor statistics. Which, however, show just how often certain pages have been requested.

Use good statistics

To get more information on how your website is being used, you should use tools such as Google Analytics or Piwik. This will give you much more marketing information about your visitors: how is the flow into your website? Which devices and browsers do your visitors use? What is their geographic location?

Check your statistics on a regular base and use the results to improve your website.

Many websites use Google Analytics to gain insight into website use and visitors. Matomo Analytics is a privacy-friendly alternative, especially if it is installed on your own hosting.

Matomo, a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers more information about your visitors and their flow through your website than the standard statistics of web hosting providers. But if you consider the privacy of your visitors important, use an open source variant that you can install and manage on your own hosting. You will then not give any data about your visitors to third parties.

Do not make an investment without visitor data!

To see the effect of an investment, you need to have data that shows the effect. It is not useful to buy internet ads without knowing the effect on the number of visitors to your website and the conversion of visitors into customers.

We can help you implement Matomo or Google Analytics.

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