Website marketing

A good optimized website is not an end but a starting point. You want visitors to your website. And that the content of your website meets the needs of your visitors. And probably want to motivate your visitors to take certain actions, such as buying a product or service. Marketing is not a one-off action but an active approach to continuously look at your market and your (potential) customers. An effective website strategy is part of a marketing and communication plan.

What marketing and communication actions do you do for your website, products or services?

Do you have an Internet Project Plan?

What is the purpose of your website? When is your website a success? These and other questions are reflected in an Internet Project Plan (IPP), a kind of marketing & communication plan for your online precense.

Find the improvements for your website?

Has your website been optimized with respect to userfriendliness, speed and search engine optimization? Often there is still some room for small improvements.

How succesfull is your Joomla website?

How successful is your website? Using visitor statistics you can find out where your visitors come from. Use the right statistics.

Attract more visitors to your website?

To get more visitors to your website, you can make use of Internet advertising. There are several options for placing electronic ads.

What would you do with social media?

Nowadays many companies want to do `something` with social media. If you like to `do something` with social media, do it right the first time.

How to send e-mail newsletters?

Promote new content on your website to your potential customers. Inform them regularly via an email newsletter.