To get more visitors to your website, you can make use of Internet advertising. There are several options for placing electronic ads.

You can buy keywords on Google AdWords. Your ad will be displayed in the Google search results on those keywords.

Some websites offer the possibility to place banners to your website.

Before you start advertising

What is your goal for advertising on the Internet? How much advertising budget do you have? Is it well defined in your Internet marketing and communication strategy for your website?

Search engine advertising can cost a lot of money. Make sure that you actually use your advertising budget and set up your Google AdWords campaigns well.

If the advertising budget runs out, the supply of new visitors will stop immediatelly. Visitors who come to your website through organic results, do not cost any advertising budget. Make sure that you have search engine optimized your website before you start advertising!

Do not throw money down the drain and measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Make sure that your good visitor statistics of your website before you start advertising. This allows you to determine the effect of the ads.