More and more software and websites work with external systems that are connected by means of so-called API (application programming interface) links.

An application programming interface (API) is a set of definitions that software programs use to communicate. An API is an interface between different software applications so that one application has access to information or functionality of the other applications, without having to know exactly how the other program works exactly. db8 has experience in linking Joomla applications with different API SOAP and REST web services API.

Google Maps API

A good example is the Google Maps API. Applications can retrieve geographic information from the Google Map API and use it in their own application. So you can have an application in a Joomla website that shows a map with information that is requested on-the-fly from the Google API.

Payment Processor Integration

To enable electronic payments in websites much merchants use iDEAL and / or paypal. Upon payment the software communicates from their website with the API from their bank or payment service provider to safely facilitate an electronic bank transfer.