Website Optimization

Often, there is still something to improve a website: the speed can be improved, whether the discoverability through search engines. Sometimes it is useful to have a Quick Scan performed to see which aspects in the website can be improved. db8 helps you to optimize your Joomla website.

What would you like to improve on your Joomla website?

How fast is your Joomla website?

The speed of a website is becoming increasingly important. The longer it takes for the page to get loaded, the greater the chance that the disengagement visitor click away.

Is your Joomla website optimized for search engines?

Everyone wants their website being well visited. A top position in the search results on search engines like Google helps a lot. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to get a better ranking in search results.

Is your Joomla website secure?

Each website is interesting for hackers, not only the online stores and large popular websites. Hackers use automated scripts to scan random websites for known security problems.

How user friendly is your website?

The usability of a website determines the success of the website. Can your visitors quickly find what they are looking for? Does the interaction with your website feel pleasant?

Is your Joomla website accessible?

Accessibility for websites means that people with disabilities can use the Web site. An additional advantage of accessible websites is that they are also better optimized for search engines.

Is your Joomla website mobile friendly?

Web sites are increasingly being viewed from other devices than desktop computers, smartphones, Tablet PCs, TV sets.