The usability of a website determines the success of the website. Can your visitors quickly find what they are looking for? Does the interaction with your website feel pleasant?

If not, then visitors might quickly click away, and retry it on another website. Do not forget the usability for webmasters: Make management more comfortable and provide fewer choices.

db8 supports companies to optimize the usability of the site for both visitors and administrators.

Usability for visitors

What websites do you find comfortable yourself? Why? What happens when you first arrive on a new website? How quickly did you find out how the website has been structured? Just by how the website looks like and how they have classified information? Recognizable? Probably also for your website visitors:

  • Provide a clear website: logical menu structure, not too many different places for menus;
  • Limit choices. With "one-click to the right information" means a very large menu with lots of choices;
  • Organize information into easy chunks. Make the information manageable. Use sub-headings;
  • Provide a navigation path: many visitors do not come from the front, but from a search engine inside;
  • Logo top left and clickable to home?

Usability for administrators

Joomla makes it easy to set up their own website and manage. But what makes it even easier to manage?

  • Delete unnecessary options (not used components) in the "Components" menu;
  • Reorganize the toolbar of JCE so that your workflow is better;
  • Many websites use JCE editor and WYSIWYG editor for editing articles. But a lot of it with default settings.
  • Reorganize the toolbar, remove buttons that you never use, and group the rest so you can find them easily.
  • Organize all content into logical categories;
  • Limit the use of different menus;
  • Organize media (photos, documents, etc) into logical folders;
  • Give files logical names.

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