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Joomla 5.0 - discover the new improvements

On Tuesday 17 October, Joomla 5 was released. This new version builds on Joomla 4.x. It aims to bring Joomla up-to-date with recent server technologies. And to make Joomla faster, more accessible, even more secure and expand its functionality. What improvements and new features are in Joomla 5?

1. Improved performance and adapted to modern technology

  • Extensions and compatibility: Joomla 5 introduces Fontawesome 6.4, Codemirror 6 and has updated the Webauthn library. Furthermore, CSS Bootstrap has been updated to 5.3.2 to keep the platform up-to-date.
  • Latest technologies: Joomla 5 now requires PHP 8.2, MySQL 8.0.13+ (or MariaDB 10.4+ or PostgreSQL 12+) for optimal performance and security.
  • Code optimisation: The Joomla PHP code has been cleaned up and optimised for better performance, security and compatibility. The code has been optimised to make use of more modern APIs. JS Import folder support has been added for Web Asset Manager and deprecated fixes for php 8.2.
  • Web assets and caching: many improvements to asset caching
  • Backwards compatibility: for a smooth upgrade from Joomla 4 to Joomla 5, Joomla 5 has a backwards compatibilty plugin. With this, many older non-core Joomla extensions work on the new Joomla 5.
    Passwordless authentication with passkeys: An advanced authentication method for a more secure and convenient login process.

2. Improved user experience

  • Menu sorting: In the backend, you can now sort menus.
  • User interface: New Joomla modal windows for the selection buttons give a better user experience.
  • Dark mode: Joomla 5 has a more sophisticated dark mode, not only for users but also for administrators.
  • Additional fonts in Cassiopeia: Additional fonts have been added to the default Joomla template.
  • Fontawesome 6: New fontawesome icons have been added to Joomla
  • Installation progress bar: The rotating logo has been replaced with a progress bar so you can better see the progress of installation.

3. Content management and SEO improvements

  • Integration with using Rich Snippets (Jason-LD), you can use data to enhance your site for search engine optimisation. For search engines, you can now give additional context to your website content for SEO.
  • Meta Description expansion: The meta description for search engines has been expanded from 160 to 300 characters.
  • AVIF image support: After WebP support, the AVIF image format is now also supported in Joomla's media manager, allowing images to be loaded even faster.

4. Other improvements

  • Password requirements: Users get enhanced information about password requirements when trying to change their password.
  • User Action Logs: User action logging has been improved, allowing additional actions to be logged.
  • Improved search: Search based on custom fields and in archived articles.

Joomla 5 has been updated with the latest web server technologies, made more user-friendly and given some content and SEO improvements. Upgrade your Joomla website to take advantage of these features!

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