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Joomladay DACH 2024 in Hamburg

On Friday 20 and Saturday 21 September, the German-speaking Joomla Days will be held in Hamburg, Germany. Joomla professionals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will come together for several days to exchange knowledge about the latest web technologies and Joomla CMS.

Peter Martin gives three English-language presentations:

  • What's New in Joomla 5.2: Features, Updates, and Improvements
    On 15 October 2024, Joomla 5.2 will be released. What's new, updated and improved in this version? The Joomla 5.2 Release Managers (Marc DeChevre and Peter Martin) will tell you all about Joomla 5.2.

  • HTTP Security Headers: Strengthen your Website Security
    HTTP Security Headers provide extra protection for your website, preventing common cyber attacks. Peter will discuss the different headers, explain their functions. And he will show how to implement them in your Joomla website for improved security.

  • AI Images
    Artificial Intelligence can be used to generate texts, code and also images. In this presentation, Peter Martin will discuss the importance of images, and the problems you may encounter. In this presentation, he will shed light on open source tools and techniques for generating images with AI. He will also show how you can generate images on your own computer without an internet connection using open source software, using a Graphical User Interface (the browser) and an API. The aim is to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to get started with AI image generation yourself.

The German Jooma Days offer plenty of other sessions, workshops and networking opportunities. Don't let the German language hold you back. The German presentations are generally easy to follow. Furthermore, there are many presentations in English. And regarding networking: many German speakers understand and speak English well!

Whether you are looking for tips on better SEO, want to learn more about the latest extensions, or are interested in best practices for site security, there is always something new to discover. Moreover, this event provides the perfect opportunity to exchange experiences, establish collaborations and make new friendships within the Joomla community.

Also come to Joomladay DACH in Hamburg on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 September!
For more information and tickets, see the website:

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