Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easier to manage a website. For someone with technical affinity is fairly simple installation.

Some hosting companies offer an install button on their control panel. Unfortunately you do not have optimally tuned website following installation.

Custom installation

A good website should fulfill the purpose for which the site is built (see Internet Project Plan). In any case easy it should be easy to use (see usability and website speed) and have a good ranking in search engines (see search engine optimization). Have your Joomla website properly configured, create a clear and logical menu structure, a clear design, "pretty URLs", a breadcrumb trail for additional navigation, an XML sitemap, etc. It is a waste of time and budget to start a website in the wrong way. Make the most of Joomla's functionality. 

Custom template

One of the things that a website can distinguish itself from others, is the design. For Joomla, there are many templates available that you can purchase at so-called "template clubs". The disadvantage of such templates is that they are not properly optimized in terms of speed, search engine friendliness, ease of use for administrators. Furthermore they are not designed to match the style of the organization and are used in many other websites. Provide a unique website with unique custom design that is designed for usability, speed and search engine friendliness. For website design db8 works together with some professional graphic designers. 

Custom functionality

Much extra functionality is available through the Joomla Extension Directory. Some extensions are free, some available for a small fee. There is much difference in quality between the extensions in terms of functionality, design, usability, code quality and cooperation with other extensions. Obtaining advice from fellow Joomla users or paid advice from a professional Joomla business can save time and money. Sometimes it is easier to have some custom functionality developed for your organization. Since 2005 db8 develops custom extension to fit with the workflow of organizations.

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