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Joomladagen 2024 a succes!

On Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June 2024, the annual Joomla Days were organised in Tilburg. Two days of Joomla and web technology-related presentations and workshops were held. It was two enjoyable, energising and inspiring days.

Peter Martin gave three presentations there.

On Friday, Peter gave a presentation on the importance of ‘HTTP Security Headers’ for the safety of visitors on your website. He explained what security headers are, and shared practical tips on how, by instructing your visitors' browsers, you can make your Joomla site even more secure. Finally, during a short demo, he showed how he could get the security of a website from ‘D’ to ‘A’ by making a few adjustments.
Presentation slides: http-security headers

On Saturday, Peter first gave a presentation ‘AI Images’, on how to use artificial intelligence on your own computer. And then generate images without an internet connection. He gave a demo with generating images using Stable Diffusion on his own computer.
The slides of the presentation: ai-images

The development of each Joomla version is supervised by two Release Managers combined with a Joomla CMS Maintenance team. The Release Managers for Joomla 5.2 are Peter Martin and Marc DeChèvre. They concluded the second day with a presentation ‘Joomla 5.2’ on the function of Release Managers, Joomla 5.2 and how people can help with testing Joomla and patches, reporting issues and helping with code.
The slides of the presentation: joomla-5-2

Keep an eye on the website for when the next Joomla days will be organised. Or, in the meantime, visit one of the Joomla User Groups that are often organised monthly at various locations in the Netherlands.

Photo: Richard van Tilborg

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