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Joomla Pizza, Bugs & Fun 2023

On Saturday 26 August 2023, we will participate in the global Joomla Pizza, Bugs and Fun - a volunteer initiative to fix bugs in the open source software. Help test and patch bugs in the Joomla community!

At db8's office, a team of volunteers will help with this PBF.

Joomla is open source software. And in all software there can be bugs ("bugs"). With Joomla, such bugs are solved by volunteers in the international Joomla community. The bugs are fixed through so-called "patches". Before such patches can be added to the Joomla core, they must be successfully tested by at least 2 people. And for that, they need ordinary Joomla users.

Would you like to help test patches at the PBF? You do not need to be able to program. A little experience using Joomla is all you need to know. Because after a short instruction and installation of a "patch tester component", you can get started.

It is fun to work with fellow Joomla users to improve Joomla. After all, you help improve Joomla CMS and often learn new things about Joomla in the process.

More information in Dutch on the site of Joomla User Group Arnhem-Nijmegen

More information in English:

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